Book Launch: Balls of Energy


My journey to happiness and health began five years ago, when I gained 8kg in 6 months. I knew I had to do something about it, change my lifestyle and most important, change my diet. But, I was a total junk food fan, and never ever did I like vegetables or let alone cooking.

After my life-changing raw food detox trip to Thailand, I fell in love with this whole new world of raw food. Not to fall of this track, and to dig deeper, after my trip to Thailand, I immediately signed up for a transformation program with Nicole Van Hattem, who was actually the one responsible for keeping me on the healthy track and for opening my eyes to a whole new world of nutrition and health coaching.

Fast-forward few years, here I am, as a Holistic Happiness & Health Coach, certified Holistic Health Coach and raw food chef, publishing one of my favorite chocolate balls recipes in Nicole’s “Balls of Energy”.

No such things as coincidence. Every challenging situation is our blessing in disguise.

“Balls of Energy: Recipes for Success from Hot and Healthy Podcast” - 45 recipe balls from paleo to vegan, cooked to raw, and over 200 success tips from guests on the Hot and Healthy Podcast.

10% of sales goes to men’s health charity.

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