Blueberry Cheesecake


This is one of my favorite recipes!

First of all, if you know me, then you know that cooking was never my thing. Kitchen was just a spare room in my house, and delivery my favorite hobby. The reason why I fell in love with raw food is very simple: it is fast, easy, practical, and above all, guilt-free and healthy!

So, whenever I need to make a dessert for guests or to take to someone, and I really do not like to spend time in the ktichen - this is my "solve-it-all" recipe. It literally takes you 10 minutes to prepare it. What's even better is that you don't have to stick to the recipe. You can experiment, with berries, bananas, add, take away, swap, play with the recipe, you cannot go wrong. You can put the nuts that you have, that you like, increase the quantity - do not stick to the recipe. I put coconut oil because I love how it solidifies my cake and consistency once in the fridge. There are people who do not like the coconut taste - so don't put it then. You can put lecithin as emulsifier instead. I never tried it because I have hard time in finding it. 

Do you know how I do my raw dishes? I take a recipe, I check approximately what I have in the kitchen and then I play. That is why I love it and why I never make a same recipe twice - because I cannot repeat it :)

So, here is the recipe, but I invite you to play with it. It can only get better.

You can use the frozen fruits, instead of honey use any other sweetener, and to top it off, I used cacao nibs, as you can see (excuse my photography skills - I am working on them! It will improve with time -hopefully :D)

Feel free to share your version with me.

Have fun & enjoy the play!