Heal Your Life Teacher Training


If I had to name one person who had the biggest impact on my life, it would definitely be Louise Hay. Back in the 90s, I got her book from a friend of mine, and ever since it has been my most loyal companion. The most interesting thing about it is that the way I perceived it at different stages of my life differed from stage to stage, and the very same content read then and now, seemed like a completely different content - which only showed how much we evolve along the way, but yet, the core message remains the same - Love yourself to heal your life. 

Sounds so cliche but in such simplicity there is an entire Universe. Love yourself. Has anyone taught us how to do that? Sounds so simple but yet, quite challenging to do. Because we never learned to do so. And because of that, we suffer. Loving yourself is your true nature, being in alignment and when we do anything that is not in alignment with our true self, it eventually reflects on our life. Very often, on our health.

That is exactly what made me re-read Louise and dig deeper. My biggest life challenges turned out to be the biggest blessings. Because I reconnected with myself, I re-discovered the inner power, the goddess within, and became the Queen of My Own Kingdom!

Learning how to love myself was a journey and it still is. Life long. A powerful life-long journey. Witnessing the amazing impact it has had on my life, I always wanted to share it with others, especially once I realized how powerful it was. I wanted to guide and help others understand, be reminded of their inner power, because what we often do nowadays is give that power to anyone at anytime. Life is so much more beautiful when we know that we have a choice! That choice is our biggest power. 

" I love Life, and Life loves me back."

" I love Life, and Life loves me back."

This summer I finally got certified to lead the Heal Your Life® workshops. It was a beautiful experience, meeting these wonderful souls who are on the same path with a same mission - to make this world a happier and healthier place by loving themselves first and then spreading that love to the world around. I finally got the official "permission" to share the powerful tools that changed my life and are still changing it with people in my community - and I can't wait to start sharing it and guide you to transforming your lives too!

What workshops will I be leading:

Change Your Thinking, Lose the Weight

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • the first step you MUST take for success

  • the vital questions to ask when you assess your eating habits

  • how to make small changes that yield big dividends over time

  • the mental skills for success with weight loss

  • visualizations for helping you achieve your goals

  • emotional and spiritual skills you need for achieving the healthy body you want

  • how to create a unique food and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

This workshop will show you how to:

  • use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life!

  • discover the eight principles for creating your orders

  • apply them to career, prosperity, relationships, health, traveling, and housing

  • learn why the Kitchen sometimes gives you emons, and what to do when that happens

  • discover how affirmations plus feelings are the most powerful combination for achieving your dreams

The Magic of Believing in Yourself

This workshop will show you how to: 

  • understand how “unconscious” beliefs have affected you up until now, and what to do to change them

  • learn about the toolbox for high self-esteem

  • discover how to use affirmations and visualizations to create a path for the future you want

  • develop a stronger connection with your Inner Guidance

  • understand how you can be the star of your own life, directing and writing your own script

Money & Consciousness

This workshop teaches us how to use the power of subconscious mind to master the energy of money, as well as:

  • discover the root cause of your money challenges

  • understand how your subconscious works

  • release old limiting beliefs

  • design your new abundant life with affirmations

  • learn how to use Law of Attraction and visualisation to create what you want

Stress Management

This program will: 

  • allow you to identify the stressors in your life

  • learn powerful techniques for dealing with these stressors

  • assist you in developing the skills for recreating your life in a more balanced and joyful way

  • it will assist you to believe in, feel, and express the magnificent person you are!

  • help you complete assessments that provide you with insights and awareness that then guide the actions you take

  • teach you new strategies for reducing stress and regaining balance in your life

And then, my favorite one, also the most powerful one as it covers the most important areas of our life:

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life

This is a longer program that covers all the key areas of our life:

  • uncovering negative messages

  • negative messages exercises

  • willingness to change

  • forgiveness

  • changing your thoughts

  • relationships

  • work & success

  • prosperity

  • health

Stay tuned. You don't want to miss these workshops when they will be taking place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at maja@happyandhealthybymaja.com