My Very First Detox - Thailand


I gained 8kg in 6 months. I was not even aware of it! I couldn't really tell the difference by looking in the mirror, even though my clothes were somehow tighter. I would be trying out clothes in Zara and couldn't fit into size M or (God-forbid size L, which used to be my regular sizes), but still this didn't ring a bell. I believed how they were producing smaller clothes for Middle East market and was wondering how weird that was when women in ME were far more voluptuous/curvaceous than in Europe. Then, one day my brother sent me a dress size M from Spain, and that was the moment of truth. A moment of disappointment when I realized that sizes were the same in Europe and in ME, only I have changed. It was a wake up call. I had to do something about it. It was not really an easy task, as I never really liked doing sports or eating healthy. I love to eat, I love good food, junk food, I having lunches and dinners in nice restaurants, and I do not like to do sports. So, what to do? On one side I had my hedonistic lifestyle, on the other side I had my looks, my weight and finally my health. This would have been a very challenging situation if I had not freaked out by the fact that if I had continued this way, in 1 year it would have been more than 12 kilos, in 2 years 24 kilos. This scared the sh** out of me and I decided to do something about it.

I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I wanted a holiday. I just sat and googled but I had no idea what I was searching for. Finally I ended up booking some kind of retreat. First time doing such a thing, I had no idea what retreat meant, let alone a raw detox retreat. My only concern was if I was going to survive 12 days without meat, only eating raw vegetables (!), which I even asked in the email. They replied: We will make you love it. Everyone around me, my family and friends, together with me, laughed about it as they knew that vegetables for me were only a decoration on the plate, and that I could not survive a day without meat! The more I read about it, the less I had any idea, therefore I just gave up. I said to myself that I entirely let go and surrender to Universe and that it will take me to the place where I am supposed to be at that very moment. I was looking more for a relaxation holiday, where I would de-stress and relax my mind, body and soul. I thought that was what I booked, with slight emphasis on the food. But I was fortunately wrong.

I took a holiday, signed up and there I was on a plane to Thailand, heading to Phuket for my first detox.

Phuket Cleanse, Thailand

I arrived with a headache and feeling sick. It was around 9/10pm and everyone was already asleep. Melanie, a wonderful lady who set up this amazing center, welcomed me and when I asked her if I could have mineral water or coffee or something that would ease my pain, she said, ''Here we don't serve those things. I can give you some fresh juice.'' First shock upon arrival. After serving me a fresh juice, she told me the schedule for the next day: breakfast at 7am, 3 workouts a day, raw food meals and a number of other activities. I remember climbing up to my room and wondering what have I signed up for. My biggest shock was the fact that I had three workouts a day – me, who wasn't very fond of sports, me who never did any sports! I was honestly thinking how to survive those 12 days!

Sunrise yoga in Phuket

But, it was amazing. It was the crossroad of my life. It was the best decision. The healthiest decision that I ever made. A life changing holiday. Nothing will ever be the same after Phuket Cleanse experience.

Early morning wake up, meditations, sunset yoga practices, juicing for breakfast, two workouts in the morning –one after another, raw lunch, short rest, off to another workout and then finally in the afternoon, some spiritual activities, ice bath, raw dinner and finishing it off every night with a massage. Amazing! First few days I had a terrible headache. Those were the first signs that my body was detoxing. That's when I realized that I was addicted to coffee and was not even aware of it. It took my body 3-4 days to eliminate the toxins and to start functioning normally. Despite the tiredness

s and 3 workouts a day, the feeling was amazing. I could hear my body screaming of joy. Those 12 days of sacrifice paid off as I completed my detox with 4 kilos less than when I arrived. This was a great kick off of my journey. My First Detox Holiday was not only about workouts and raw food. I did get to spend some money on shopping, like any other woman would do, and of course do some sightseeing. Phi Phi island, Phuket, Maya Bay, jungle, elephants, etc. It was amazing in any way you look at it. At Phuket Cleanse I learned and discovered that vegetables can be delicious. I started discovering how to prepare raw meals (this was completely new to me, as I never ever spent any time in the kitchen cooking or preparing meals. I simply disliked it!). I discovered hot yoga & muay thai (that became my favorite physical activities), meditation, gi gong, and most of all, I met wonderful, like-minded people who were just like me fighting battles of weight management, stress and situations that are simply called LIFE. After this wonderful experience, my life hasn't been the same since. I promised my self I would return. And I have.

Phuket Cleanse muay thai class