Final Project - Advanced Raw Cuisine at Matthew Kenney Culinary


After one month of intense hard work, long hours in the kitchen, my raw culinary journey has come to an end. As the final project in order to graduate, we were supposed to create and package a product that could be sold in a shop or cafe. This product had to be of an interest not only to me but there had to be a high demand for it on the market as well.

Living in Qatar, it hasn't always been so easy to incorporate the healthy food into my lifestyle. This is a country where food is an important factor of socialization, and not only that, it is a country where you have cuisines from all over the world accessible, not to mention the Arabic cuisine which is so delicious. Three years ago, ever since I discovered the raw food world, I have been educating myself and trying to figure out the ways of how to make it my habit, my lifestyle. What I find the most challenging are the options. You can make a decision to eat clean, and you can even start off your day on a healthy note, but as soon as you leave your house, it becomes your biggest challenge. That is the moment when your will power kicks in and that's when you need to be clear about your why behind it.

Having this in mind, I was thinking what product could be good for Qatar... Healthy meals could be replaced by salads, not necessarily the most creative ones, but salad is a salad, so regarding the meal, let's say, it was ''covered''. Drinks, such as smoothies and fresh juices are already existent, so, one thing that came to my mind were snacks!

Getting ready for my first video shooting :)

How many of us actually love snacking? Even when we are not hungry, even after the meal, we can always snack. right? And when it comes to snacking, what do we snack? What are our options? Ahaaa, now that was the catch. In this urge for snacking, we often go for not-so-healthy choices that are offered, which we usually wouldn't have picked, but only because we had no other option, we went for it. Therefore, I think that production of chips, a healthy version of chips would be perfect for this market! My favorite raw chips is definitely kale, especially due to all the benefits and nutritious value it has.

Why Kale Chilli Chips?

Kale chips is so beneficial to our body, mind and soul, so easy to make, so nutritious and above all, so delicious. You only need a few ingredients, bell pepper, cashew, some salt, nutritional yeast, some lemon and chilli flakes (if you like it hot). To blend all these ingredients easier and to get the smooth consistency, we also add some water. Can it be simpler than this? I don't think so. The only challenge is the patience for it to dehydrate, as it takes some 10-14 hours :) But, you can make a big batch and keep it in air-tight container to keep it crunchy and crispy.

Imagine having such a snack offered to you next time you are with your friends having coffee?

Kale Chilli Chips Costing

Kale Chipc Mise en Place

For this recipe, we need:

  • 1 bunch of kale (approximately 250grams) 1kg kale= 70QR; 0,25kg=17,5QR
  • 1 red bell pepper 1kg (4units) red bell pepper=32kg; 1 bell pepper=8QR
  • 1 cup cashews (130grams) 1kg cashews=80QR; 0,13kg=10QR
  • pinch salt (Q factor)
  • 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast (Q factor)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1kg lemon=8QR; 1 lemon=2QR; 1tablespoon=0,25QR
  • 1/4 cup water (Q factor)

Total cost:

Food Cost = 35,75QR

Q factor = 3% = 1,07QR

Total Food Cost = 36,82QR

Yield = 40 chips

Portion = 10 chips

Cost Unit = 0,92QR

Portion of 10 = 9,20QR

Base Selling Price = 30,67QR

Final Selling Price = 50QR

Mark up = 20QR

Amazing exercise. I broke down all the ingredients and got the price for each one. I calculated the base selling price and the final selling price with a mark up of 20QR. This product could be sold for such a price, especially if we take into consideration that regular chips costs between 10-20QR. Here we are offering a pretty pricey snack to start with, with addition to all the extra expenses, and if compared to other snacks or entrées in restaurants, this is a perfectly reasonable price.


Packaging Final product

The best packaging for such a product is something that is as vibrant and as healthy as the product itself. Therefore it needs to be aligned with the idea behind the product itself.

It was challenging finding what I had in mind, but in the end, I actually like how it turned out. I could only find a gift paper bag, which I cut to a desired size. The remaining paper of the bag I used as tags. On one tag, I put the ingredients, date of production and expiry date, and on the other tag I put a sticker with Happy & Healthy by Maja logo. The weight of the product is written in the bottom right corner (50gr). I cut a little window on the front side of the bag so that one can see the product. I packaged chips into a plastic sealed bag, to keep the air out and to keep it crispy.

I enjoyed this project very much. It was useful, creative and fun at the same time. It made me realize how the price is created and why. It helped me learn to break down the ingredients and cost in order to get the final cost. Now, I can even plan producing a product for the market, why not?! :)

I am very grateful for this extraordinary journey. It was demanding but at the same time, an inspiring, educational experience from which I will take life-time knowledge that will not only change my life, but also lives of people around me. What better outcome one can desire than a ripple effect. Thank you Matthew Kenney Culinary!

Make your own Kale Chilli Chips

Have a look at my Final Project video: