My Life is My Project


There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens at the perfect moment. Everyone we meet comes to our lives for a reason. 

Last week I met one wonderful lady. She is a family friend that I never had a chance to meet before, but as soon as we met, it was as if we knew each other since forever. Other than having so many things in common, we also shared same values and were both very much into healthy lifestyle.

As it is already very well known, we hardly ever give up on our comfort and indulgence out of pure boredom or for the sake of well-being. Usually when it strikes, it strikes as an alarm, a wake up call when something goes wrong. That's what happened to both of us. My new friend, I will call her Jay, was diagnosed cancer four years ago and ever since she transformed her life, she gave up on stress and unhealthy food and dedicated her life to a completely new and sustainable lifestyle. Now, four years later, she is healed, happier and healthier than ever. I loved her approach and attitude. When her CEO asked her how did she manage to do it, she replied something that inspired me so deeply:

"I looked at it as a project. The project of my life, the most important one that I cannot fail!"

Wow, that was so powerful. How simple yet so deep. Amazing! It was like an enlightenment, something lit up inside of me and I knew that was what I needed to hear, that was the push back onto my healthy path. I thought about it for a second or two and concluded how simple it was, yet so challenging. Really, we take life so seriously, we take our work seriously, we are totally drained out by chasing some set targets, goals, visions, that we deep down inside don't really care about, targets that were not even set by us. But when it comes to our lives, our health, our dreams, we seem to forget about this same drive, the will power, the self love, passion and determination that we deploy at work, we forget to implement it in our daily life, where we need it the most!

Generally, I am a healthy person, but I have my weak spots. My second chakra is the weakest one of all, the area through which I face and confront my life, my growth and my self-development :) On and off, I always struggled with something, nothing really serious, but had a few issues. Last one was in December 2015, when something was discovered, still too small to be defined. It's funny because the day before I was on the plane reading a book "One Crazy Broccoli" and thinking if I really needed a wake up call to pull myself back together and reclaim the power over my life.

Fortunately, that was serious enough to wake me up for a certain period of time. I seriously dedicated my life at that point to healing my body. I was determined to do it because I knew I could do it. We can all do it. At least implement small changes in our daily life routine that will lead to improvement of our life quality which will immediately, if not heal, improve our state of mind, our daily life and eventually our health condition. I started practicing all my daily rituals, I was eating clean (more about rituals and clean eating here), doing hot yoga, I was very disciplined and entirely dedicated to healing myself.

The results were amazing. Already after one month I felt the rise in energy, my will power was reinforced, I started feeling good, happier, fulfilled; my ideas were blooming, my life was finally getting back to normal - that was the catch. As soon as we start feeling good, as soon as we notice the change, we start slowly drifting away from the healthy track and back to our old habits. I knew I was well, healthy, everything was great, so I wasn't as disciplined anymore. I was still practicing my daily rituals, but not as before. I began eating not only healthy, clean food but also anything that my heart desired, junk food, bread, sugar, you name it.

Then, one day, I went for the check up. The ultrasound was perfect. Nothing was there. Whatever was there has dissolved and my doctor told me to keep on doing what I was doing (surprising for a doctor to say that, since they can be pretty narrow-minded when it comes to a holistic approach to health :D ), but, just to be sure, she suggested we do three more tests. Two of them were normal, one of them was higher than it should have been. I cried my eyes out because for a moment I thought I failed. I put myself together, calmed down and said to myself I will continue what I was doing until now, and re-do the test in some time. My moral was low, and I could not really find the strength to continue as dedicated as I was in the first place.

2016-04-21 10.01.18

Then, my two friends from two different sides of the world came at the same time to Doha. No such thing as coincidence. Both of them said something so powerful that woke me up from my blues. One of them told me:

"How do you know that this value wasn't even higher back in December? Maybe you reduced it with whatever you were doing during these four months!"

So true! We can be so close-minded. Yes, I could have reduced it, since I haven't done that test in December. If that 1cm-growth has disappeared, that means that my lifestyle has helped in my healing process. It couldn't have happened out of the blue. Anyway, that was so enlightening for me. It was a breakthrough of how we can be close-minded and how our perceptions can limit us and not only that, but can also put us down and affect our moods and finally our lives. And then the famous, inspirational quote by my friend Jay, looking at the dis-ease as your most important life project!

Those two people came to me in the perfect moment. I was struggling with self belief, I was questioning myself and the whole healthy lifestyle, when I know for so many reasons and proofs I personally experienced until now, that it does work, but I guess our ego plays the tricks whenever it can, just to get you off of your path. They both said something so powerful that woke me up. My life is my project! There is nothing more important than my life.

Prove to no-one but yourself that you can do it! Because you can.

Be happy.

Be healthy.

The power is really in YOU!

Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health.