Phuket Cleanse Again 2014


By the time I decided to go for my second raw detox, I had already lost 8-9kilos. This was approximately over a period of 10 months. In the meantime I was completely amazed by the energy I felt in my every day activities, tasks, as well as the changes I experienced, that I pursued this healthy lifestyle even after my return. This was, of course surprising to everyone, my friends and family, including me, as I was a real junk food, meat and ”good” food fan.

My energy, enthusiasm and passion were so contagious that I even managed to persuade my husband to join me on my second detox. This might have not been such a great idea, as he obviously was not ready for such a drastic change, having only juices for breakfast and eating only veggies for lunch and dinner, after three workouts a day… But he did manage to survive a whole week without smoking.

It was wonderful seeing him be so supportive of my new changes and my new lifestyle. Trying out something new, something he could not yet fit into, but at the same time being so open and receptive. I really admire it. This time, my detox experience was even deeper as I was already familiar with the raw food, with healthier lifestyle and I was already determined to dedicate my life to it.

After I returned home after my first detox retreat, I signed up for a group health coaching Transform Program, as i wanted to stay on the healthy track and deepen my knowledge. This was a 6-month program that really did transform my life and gave me some basic information and a good start for this new lifestyle. When I arrived to Phuket Cleanse the second time, raw food was no news to me so in order to try something new, I did a juice cleanse for 5 days. I was already eating healthy back home, my ratio was 80% of raw and 20% of whatever my heart desired, so I went for a challenge and tried only juicing. It was interesting and not as challenging as I thought it might have been. It is amazing how much nutrients we get in those juices, and how filling they are.

Ice bath - key to longevity :)

The daily schedules were the same as before. Early wake up, three workouts a day, ice baths, massages. I must admit, I was still struggling with actually getting into the ice bath. I did manage to enter but I was out before I even dipped myself in. I still haven’t succeeded in it. I was enjoying muay thai classes and hot yoga classes that I couldn’t enjoy in Doha, as there was no Bikram Hot Yoga in Doha. This time, the effect of this retreat was not as fruitful and successful in terms of numbers, as I didn’t loose much weight, but it was yet another step towards my healthy lifestyle. On this journey I also learned that weight is just a number. We should not be guided by those numbers on the scale but by the way we feel. Who cares if the scale shows a few kilos more or less, it is our body-mind-soul state that should be our indicator of our success and certainly not a number on the scale.