Reiki - how it saved my life!


Reiki saved my life! Literally.

It was April 2009, my friend Marina invited me to join her for a reiki share. She said her reiki group needed people to practice on. I had no idea what it was but I thought it was a great opportunity to try it out since I had severe lower back pain. I was being ''reiki-ed'' by few practitioners when one of them asked if I had any problems with my reproductive organs. I didn't, at least I thought I didn't - and I was pretty sure about that as I had it checked end of January of the very same year, so 2 months earlier. I couldn't be more sure of it and as I was trying to convince him, he was trying to convince me to double check it. I did and guess what - I had endometriosis! It could not have been developed in 2-3 months time, it must have had developed over months but was somehow missed at the last check up. I would not have gone to the doctor for another year most probably, which only means that it would have spread even more and it would have only gotten worse.

Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it. The main symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility. When I was diagnosed, I had no idea what to do. The doctors gave me two ''options'': either to get pregnant or to induce the artificial menopause. I rejected both. The only reason to have a baby is because I really want it but not to avoid or heal some condition, and artificial menopause at the age of 29, I somehow didn't find appealing playing with my hormones, at any age, let alone at 29. I was very uneducated at the time, had little knowledge about food, energy or any other holistic approach to this problem so in the end I had an operation.

First thing I remember as I was waking up from my narcosis was seeing doctor leaning over me and hearing these words: ''You cannot wait any longer. You need to get pregnant as soon as possible otherwise it will recur (apparently that's what endometriosis does -recurs within a very short period of time)!'' This was not something I wanted to hear. I really didn't have a baby on my agenda nor did I really feel ready for it. So I decided to try out a holistic approach and went off any hormones or pregnancy ideas.

One year later, one morning I woke up with this crazy worry in my head. I remembered all of a sudden the doctor's words. I started going nuts and  I began to plan. I told this to my husband and said: ''Let's have a baby! By the time I actually do get pregnant, we will already figure out what we want and how we wish to proceed in life.'' This was so wrong. This was done out of pure fear and worry, not out of desire and love, which is why it was predestined to fail. I also never believed that we would be lucky at the first go, and there I was pregnant literally after the first attempt. Unfortunately, I lost the baby. I knew that everything happens for a reason, that probably Universe had something great planned for me so I was expecting it impatiently. Not even one month later, I got a job offer to move to Qatar - and have my biggest dream come true! (All we need to do is trust and know that really everything does happen for our best!).

I never took any hormones, I didn't have a baby. My doctor told me not to worry, as endometriosis will not recur because I stopped being aggressive to myself. She told me, endometriosis is bleeding on the inside, and once you realize what it is that is hurting you so deeply, you change it, so does your state change. It's been seven years now. No endometriosis, no hormones, no babies. I am well, happy and healthy. I changed my life, I am still changing it -my perception, my patterns. I completed reiki level 1, 2 and 3, and it has become a part of my life. Something I am so grateful to!


Does it help? I don't know. All I know is that while I was/am practicing it, I felt better. I imagine my body as a tube through which energy flows, and if the energy gets stuck due to certain emotional issues and situations, that is where and when dis-ease forms. Reiki is universal energy, it is the energy that surrounds us, that is keeping us alive. By learning to use reiki, we actually learn how to channel and have access to the energy that surrounds us and channel it through our body, in order to unblock the stuck parts and allow the easy flow.

Reiki is an ancient art of healing coming from Japan, that came to Europe from Hawaii. ''Rei'' meaning universal energy,  ''ki'' meaning energy or vital force created by our essence. Literally, ''reiki'' means ''vital universal energy'', energy that is available to everyone, completely unlimited. Reiki increases the value of medical interventions, the therapy of adjustment or simply reduction of tension. It is an intelligent energy that is distributed on its own to where it is required in order to achieve an energetic harmony without human intervention. Therefore, reiki aligns our body and brings it to the state of wholeness.  Reiki is a natural healing system that speeds up and slows down processes.

A reiki treatment is done by placing hands on the energetic centers along the body, but the reiki therapist can also heal and relax a client by placing hands on the affected areas all over the body. Long distance healing is also an option.