Story about God, Man & Suitcase


A man died.

As he realized that, he saw God with a suitcase in his hand.

This was the dialogue between the Man and God:

God: OK, my son, it's time to leave.

Man: So soon? But I had so many plans...

God: I am really sorry, but it is time to leave...

Man: What do you have in that suitcase?

God: That what belongs to you.

Man: What belongs to me? You mean my belongings? You mean my things, clothes, money...?

God: Those things were never yours. They belong to the Earth.

Man: Do you mean my memories?

God: No, they belong to Time.

Man: My talents?

God: No, they belong to Circumstances.

Man: Then my friends and family?

God: No, my son. They belong to the Path you were walking on.

Man: Do you mean my children and wife?

God: No, they belong to your Heart.

Man: Then it must be my body?

God: No, no... Your body belongs to Dust.

Man: Then it must be my Soul?

God: You are so wrong, my son. Your Soul belongs to me.

The Man, sad with tears in his eyes, fearfully takes the suitcase from God's hand and opens it... It is EMPTY!

Brokenhearted, with tears running down his face, the Man asks God:

Man: Nothing was ever mine?

God: Correct! You never had anything.

Man: What was mine then? What belonged to me?

God: Your MOMENTS. Every moment you lived was yours.

Life is only a moment. A moment that belongs to us. Enjoy it while you have it!

Do not allow anything stop you from doing what you love to do.

Live your life now.

Don't forget to be happy because that is all that matters!

Materialistic things you are fighting for are left behind. You cannot take anything with you. What really matters is to live your moments and how you live them!

Carpe Diem!