Transformation Program


After my first life-changing holiday where I survived for the first time 10 days without meat and only with veggie meals, I also discovered the benefits of detox and raw food. This is actually when I fell in love with raw food. After coming back to Qatar, I was worried that I might fall back on the old path and continue the what I was before, when veggies were only a decoration on my plate, but this time it really was different.

I was surprised to discover that there was Art of Abundant Living led by Nicole Van Hattem, who more or less went through a similar journey of stress, weight gain and then re-discovery of her own self in a healthy environment. I immediately joined her Transform Program – group health coaching, which was a 6-month program. During this course, we set and accomplished goals, explored new foods, understood and learned about cravings, learned about increasing energy, improving our personal relationships, basically we worked on all our life areas in order to increase our life quality. It was interesting and motivational, because being in a group you realize that you are not alone!

This was something that helped me stay on the right track. It was important for me to anchor myself once I got back to my routine and every-day life, to have a healthy corner, a safe space where I would get the inspiration, support and boost from.


Nicole was of great support on my journey, she helped me on my journey, guided me and directed me when I was confused, lost and didn’t know which way to go. As it is very important that in those times of major life changes, such as changing your food habits or everyday rituals, that we have support and understanding, a like-minded person who can understand and advise, support and guide when we feel lost. Nicole was there for me in times of my transformation, and as I understand the importance of her role in my life, that is what I wish to be to you, when you decide to embark on the same journey.

When I started my Transformation Journey with Nicole, I weighed 74kg. Within 6 months of coaching, my weight dropped to 71kg.

Since the start of my journey in January 2013 till the end of Transform Program in July, in total I lost 8-9kg.

Group Coaching Programs are highly recommended. It is important to be guided by someone who’s been through the similar journey but also to be supported by the like-minded people struggling with same or similar issues, fighting the same battles. Together we are stronger.