Your Downtime, Your Blessing in Disguise


There are no bad situations in life. There are certain life situations that we feel good about and others that we don’t. The one who decides if a certain situation is good or bad, is you. Your perception, your feelings. I love the saying, when life gives you lemon, make yourself lemonade. That is exactly what we should do. If we are aware that there is no negative situation, no matter how blue we are feeling, this is already a huge step towards our happy and healthy lifestyle. It is entirely up to us to decide what we want to make out of it.


Sometimes life serves us lemons to make us think, to reconsider, to double check how aligned we really are with our true self. We are brought to this world to live in happiness, joy and abundance, to be in line with our true self, but very often due to our early age education, society, different conditions, we seem to drift away from it and we start obeying rules that were not set by us, that do not make us happy, that are not in line with what we truly desire and that finally do not inspire us, motivate us, drive us, pull us forward. Along the way, we forget to listen to our inner voice, to our true self, what it demands, what it really wants, as we are brought up to believe that the only right way is the way determined by our society.

That is one of the main reasons why our health is suffering. One of the main “controllers’’ in our life is fear. Fear of losing security, love, fear of unknown, of uncertainty, which is one of the reasons why people compromise and settle for a life they are not happy with. This morning I was talking to my best friend, and we were analyzing one situation and its potential outcome.

I was led by fear, my thoughts were heading in that direction when he stopped me and said something that really got to me. To my “What if…?”, he replied: “Yes, and…?” What is it that can happen if what if happens? Really. So true. What is the worst thing that can happen, and even if it does happen, will I survive? Always remember one thing. Universe always has our back. Every situation is good for us. If we don’t see the benefit now, we sure will later.

Sometimes, or most of the times we are led by the fear and therefore we compromise our whole life for the wrong cause, for the wrong purpose. Our body is always talking to us, but are we always listening? It is giving us signs. First those signs are small, and we ignore them. Then they get bigger, but we still ignore them. Then they get even bigger, but we still ignore them, thinking or justifying it by thinking how ungrateful we are, how we do not know how to appreciate things, how we are asking too much. And then we find ourselves in trouble, because this time the signs are so big that it has gotten out of control (i.e. we get sick) and this time we have to face them. Only this time, how honest are we really to ourselves? Why did we come to this?

By ignoring the tiny signs along the way that were alarming us to take care, pay attention, do something, change something, but which we ignored, we found ourselves touch the bottom due to our “lovely feeling” of being in our comfort zone where we were stuck for such a long time, (despite the dissatisfaction), but where we were feeling at peace, because that is where we were used to be. But let me tell you one thing. If your heart is telling you it’s not right, then it’s not right, or at least you should consider it the very first time it pops up, and maybe fix it while it’s still repairable. If your heart is telling you that you want more of it, then you sure deserve more. Along the way, we forgot to love and appreciate ourselves. We turned into a person who compromises their own desires, in order to accomplish or meet up with someone else’s expectations, but where are you in the whole picture? Who will think about you, if not you yourself? One thing I learned is how much you love and appreciate yourself that is exactly how much others will love and appreciate you. What you send out is what you will get back.

So, when unhappy about any life situation, the change should start with you. It is your vibration, your belief system that is attracting a certain situation or person to you. You can always change your vibration and immediately, the situation will change. Sometimes all it takes is to change a perspective to get a whole new different outcome. How to do that? It might not be as easy as it sounds at first, but it is achievable! True, it can be challenging, but that is where your growth is hidden. Every situation is brought to us to help us develop and grow, to pass the certain lesson and move us forward.

If we get stuck in one situation, and we keep ignoring it or sticking our head into the sand, don’t think that you solved your problem. You only postponed it. It might seem to disappear for a while, but it will come back haunting you. Most probably, it will haunt you in a much more challenging form than before –in order to make you realize that it really is time for a change.

How happy are we? How healthy are we?

Very often, we think we are healthy because we are not diagnosed with any fatal disease, or some serious health condition. We say that we are healthy, but are we really? Are you feeling low in energy even when you had a good night sleep? Are you pale? Bloated? Lacking enthusiasm, energy? Trouble sleeping? Irritated? Do you think this is a perfect, healthy state of our body? Do you think this is how we are created to be? I don’t think so. These are signs that your body is sending you, telling you that something is wrong. You need to do something about it. How happy are you? Are you really happy? Do you consider yourself happy because you have all the ‘’society rules” covered? You have a family, a (good) job, a car, a nice house, friends… You should be happy, right? But if you dig deeper, or you don’t even have to dig, just ask yourself within, am I really happy? Is this what happiness looks like? Then why don’t I feel excitement, fulfillment, joy, etc.? Those are signs that you need to change something. Health or being healthy is not just one area of your life, your physical condition; it is a whole group of elements put together that create our health and happiness. Your job, your family, your partner, your children, your spiritual life, your physical activity, your environment, all this contributes to our health and happiness. If we only go within, and ask ourselves an honest question: “How happy am I?”, we will have the answer. We always do. We always know what we need to change, with what we are not so happy with and which area of our life needs improvement. Only we don't always take action, or we ignore the answer.

Guess what? We always, always, always, have a choice. We have options. Always. You can either accept the situation, or leave it. Accepting does not mean allowing it to torture you but, making peace with it, accepting it the way it is and deciding that it cannot take your inner peace. Take it or leave it. One thing we need to know is that if it involves other people, we can never change others, we can only change ourselves. We can learn to accept those others with their qualities and their flaws, and decide if their qualities are worth enough to prevail over their flaws. It is not their fault they are the way they are. They simply are the way they are. Maybe they have changed, maybe you have changed, and maybe you are not on the same frequency anymore, which does not make either of you right or wrong. The truth is relative and it depends entirely on you and what your choice will be. But the most important thing to know is that whatever you decide to do, make sure that the main reason behind it is in line with you. If it is your job, make sure you are staying or changing it for love and passion and not fear. If it’s a relationship, make sure that the only reason why you are staying in it is for love and because you know that this is really what you want, and there are no other reasons but love behind it. Sometimes we are selfish (but mainly scared) and we get stuck in relationships for completely wrong reasons. Is it because of our society’s expectations, society rules, fear of losing the reputation, fear of losing the security or safety, fear of the future, children or fear of losing the person we are so used to, even though we are well aware that this person is not making us happy any more. Staying for wrong reasons, not only are we occupying a place of someone who can actually walk into our life and make us truly happy (and it's never too late for love, the most powerful law of the Universe!), but by doing this, we actually comprise our health. Staying in an unhealthy relationship endangers our health and puts us at risk, not only health wise but also relationship-wise, not only yourself but also health of everyone involved! Staying in such an unhealthy relationship, we lose the peace and harmony within, we turn into something we are not, we become who we are not in hope that our aggression, our arguments will change other person’s opinion and relation. By doing this, what we believe is doing us good, or by hopelessly trying to save things, we are just drifting more and more away from this person and from this relationship, as it is despair that is in action and not harmony and love. Instead, we should first ask ourselves how happy we really are in this relationship.


Why do I want to save this relationship (or it can apply to any life situation)? Will it really make me happy? Does it make me happy?

Once we have honest and sincere answers, we can decide what to do. But we should not forget that whatever the answer is, it should always be in line with our true self. No situation comes to us for just any reason. It is always a sign for a change, to do something about it. Do not forget that relationships are living entities and need love and care, they undergo constant changes due to personal growth and development, so it is normal that at certain stage we come to a point where we want to reconsider whether it is worth it or not. It is also perfectly normal that at some stage we simply outgrow our relationship and we are ready to leave it behind and head on to the next level of this game called Life.

Here are certain points to have in mind when fighting so hard to stay in your comfort zone, when maybe, the time has come to simply let it go and allow new energy and situation flow into our life:

1. Ask yourself how happy you really are in this relationship/situation.

Are you really truly happy? Is this fulfilling? Is your body, mind and soul excited and passionate? It is always important to listen to yourself and your inner voice, as we always know what we really truly want.

2. Have a backup scenario.

Visualize what would be the best possible backup plan and add to it all the juicy details that would really make you happy. Feel good about it. See yourself I it already and you will see how good it feels, even better than the situation you are currently in.

3. Face the fears of backup scenario.

Imagine the most terrifying outcomes and what could possibly go wrong, face it and once you “survive” those situations in your head, your fear will diminish. Make peace with it. B

4. Do not forget: The Power is in YOU!

We all have this superpower to take care of ourselves and to make ourselves happy. Happiness depends entirely on us. We are the creators of our reality. We might as well use it!

5. We deserve the best!

We deserve exactly what our heart desires. Admit this to yourself, accept it. What your heart truly needs and wants, is your soul talking to you. Hear it. Embrace it. Love it. Be proud of it. Claim it. Because you really do deserve this. That is your big WHY. That is what you are here for!


6. Self-development.

Reconnect with yourself. Love yourself. Start taking care of yourself in every possible way. Take care of yourself as if you would wish someone else to do it. That is how you will attract it to your life. That is how you raise your vibrations and change your frequency. This will change you, your vibration and immediately the vibration around you, therefore, the people’s behavior towards you.

You have the innate right to be happy and healthy. Don’t forget, the power is in YOU!

Photo credit: Buddha Doodles