Dehydrating Almonds

Soaking almonds can serve you as a healthy snack or you can use them in other meals.


Before dehydrating almonds, make sure they are soaked and rinsed thoroughly in clean water. The water will be brown.  Discard this water and rinse to remove enzyme inhibitors, dust, and other debris.

After rinsing, place the almonds on a mesh dehydrator sheet. It's best to use a mesh sheet for dehydrating almonds or other nuts because it will allow for better air circulation and quicker drying time.

Set your dehydrator temperature between 40-45 degrees Celsius (105-115 degrees Fahrenheit).  Dehydration time can vary depending on humidity levels, type of dehydrator, and how full your dehydrator may be.

A general rule for dehydration is to stop when desired texture is achieved or product is completely dry.

The dehydration time for soaked almonds is between 12 - 24 hours.

At this temperature foods are sitting in the "danger zone" temperature, which can lead to mold and bacterial growth, so be aware of your dehydrator and if it is switched off.