The Power is in YOU! Claim it NOW!


Have you ever felt as if you were giving 100% of yourself for a really long time and no one seemed to care? Have you been taking care about too many things that no one really cares about? Have you been fighting for justice when no one seems to bother? Have you ever felt unappreciated? Or maybe even desperate? Have you ever felt like a victim amid a dirty game that you could not do much about? I bet it isn't unfamiliar to most of us... And that is fine. That's Life. It happens to all of us, regularly, and there is a solution to this. It all depends on how we look at it and how we approach it!


After a certain period of time feeling the way I described, we all come to a point where we cannot take it anymore. We are tired and fed up. There seems to be a loss of drive, energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and all of a sudden you start blaming yourself for it. Are you really to blame? Never. What you should do is become aware of a situation and shift the perspective - immediately. You will see how!

Let me tell you my story and my struggle that I have been going through. I love these life lessons, no matter how tough they are, I really enjoy suffering them through because I love to observe what good, great things will come out of them. Because, they always do. We just need to be aware, present, and observe our life as if it was happening to someone else, and not to us. To keep our mind clear.

I have been feeling pretty down and then consequently low in energy as well. I am not the person I usually am, which is a person who is 100% present in whatever she does, passionate, in it with all her heart. Due to certain life courses, I have found myself in a situation where I was actually worried, in fear of what tomorrow brings. Questioning myself, my actions, my intentions, there is absolutely not one single reason for it, but life and life stream has brought me to a situation where I needed to face what I hate the most - fear and games. I hate games. Dirty games. Ego games. Power games. I hate any kind of games, being a straight forward, honest  and very transparent person in whatever I do, this was a pretty challenging situation I found myself in.

Very aware of the fact that those who play the games are not the ones who are sincere and honest they are not the ones who operate in a fair way either, with pure heart and good intentions, because if they were, do you really think  they would be playing them? Of course not. So whenever you do find yourself in such a situation, just remind yourself that whatever they are doing has nothing to do with you. It is their insecurity and cowardliness that is being reflected in their behavior.

It took me some time to understand this. Actually, it took me some sleepless nights, stressful days, worrying, analyzing, planning, ''what if'''s  and then finally I reached the bottom. My energy tank was empty and I couldn't even worry anymore. Analysis equals paralysis. One day I woke up sick and tired of it all. I decided it was time to regain the power over my life.


1. Ask yourself:

"Why am I worried?"

"What is the worst case scenario?"

"Are my intentions good and pure?"

Be honest with yourself. Once I answered these question, I knew I was safe.

I was worried what will someone say, what will someone think. Does it really matter? Your value and self-worth depend on you. You decide how much you are worth, you know your worth and don't ever let anyone make you believe otherwise.

2. Good intentions and pure heart

First of all, if your heart and your intentions are pure and of best interest, if your conscience is clear then you have nothing to fear about. What will someone think about you or me, our deeds, achievements, you cannot change. It is entirely up to them.  The most important thing is to have your peace of mind knowing that you did your best, you had the best intentions and it is entirely up to you to choose how to feel and react.

3. Worst case scenario

Imagine your worst case scenario. What could be the worst possible outcome of this situation? Is it really that bad? Even if it really is, is it the end of the world? Is it really the worst thing that has ever happened to you or you have survived worse? Well, I bet it's not that bad at all. It might be a huge change, but all changes are for the good - in the long run, so this is probably just a step out of your comfort zone, and that is all there is, what really makes it a worst case scenario. Not to judge anyone's situation or underestimate the importance of it, let's do say it is the worst thing that could happen to you in your life...

4. Embrace it. Accept it. Make peace with it.

Imagine yourself in this situation, face the fears, face the struggle, go through those feelings, and then, make peace with it. You will feel relieved. Once you face it you will realize that it is not such a big deal and that you will probably find a solution for it, which will give you back your strength. That is what happened to me. I thought of my worst case scenario, and it really is the worst, because it would or could mean loosing one thing I really truly love, part of my identity and belonging, but what can I do about it? Nothing at all. I did what I could, now I surrender and I am positive about it, as I make peace with it. This is what freedom feels like. You literally set yourself free. Once you feel this freedom, no one can ever have power over you again!

5. List all your qualities and achievements

Very often, lack of respect and appreciation is merely our own reflection, our lack of appreciation and respect towards ourselves. That is why I encourage you to list down all your qualities and your achievements. In this process, I reminded myself that I have two bachelor degrees, two master degrees, I speak five languages, I have more than seventeen years of working experience, I have been working since I was twelve (!), not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I am committed, passionate, I love to contribute and create, I learn and invest continuously in my self-growth and development, I don't need anyone's mercy.

Why should I be worried? These qualities can literally open any door for me, anywhere, why hold onto fear? The problem is that very often we are not aware of who we really are, what we achieved,  we ignore our "small" achievements, we take our success stories for granted, we take our life for granted but we often forget how much effort we have put into it to get us where we are now. I also remembered how I have always been a fighter in life - and survived. I am sure you have, too. Why do you think that you won't this time? Only this time your chances are higher. You have more experience... and more awareness. Self awareness.


6. Send love

Whoever is undermining you, whoever is playing games, dirty games, ego games, mind games, send them love. All they need is love, and forgiveness. It is not their fault that they are insecure, that they are afraid of life, that they see you as a threat. That is only a reflection of them. Send them love, forgive them, even when you think they don't deserve it, because just as a dirty games is a reflection of their insecurity, their character, love and kindness is a reflection of yours. I truly believe that what goes around comes around... Eventually.

And remember. Others might think they have power over us and over our lives. Sometimes they really do. Not because they are powerful but only because we give them the power, we allow them to think they really do have it. So, become aware of yourself, of your self-worth, of the power within and claim it back. You can do it. Universe has your back. The power is in YOU!

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