"Maja's great passion for health, wellbeing and coaching others to make the changes they are ready for to create vibrantly healthy lives is part of what makes her truly special. She will guide and support you every step of the way and celebrate your progress. Choosing to work with Maja will ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for and so richly deserve.
Maja delved deeply into her own journey of transformation when she attended my group health coaching program. She has experiences first hand what it means to take personal ownership for your health and life choices, to face your fears, to open yourself up to new possibilities and thrive."

-Nicole Van Hattem, Holistic Success & Health Coach

"I could easily speak to Maja. Understanding my background and cultural differences she could easily direct me in a proper way. After talking to her I always felt so energized, optimistic and full of hope, and I always had something to work on afterwards. Some book to read or an idea to think about.
When you need an advice, she won’t give you direct instructions or an advice itself. Indeed she will show you the way to find the solutions on your own. If you are lost, she is always there to guide you but then leave you allowing you to continue your journey independently. Once you come to the decision, you will feel it with your heart and soul, as you have reached it by listening to your inner self. Yes, this is the term you will hear from her often.   She will guide you through this path - where you will need to listen to your intuition and your heart. The result will be terrific - get ready! It may happen that at first you won’t take her words seriously yet later on you will remember her words (I still do) and implement them in your life."

-Barno Egamberdieva, Uzbekistan



" I will forever be so grateful for having the most amazing and awesome, what I like to call my own "Happy & Healthy by Maja" coach, I could have ever dreamed of having! Maja is truly wonderful with so many strengths. I could not think of anything she could change. She is true to herself, as she is. She is wonderful."

-Dari Pass, USA

"If you are struggling to have the right weight ... Wondering how you could lose those extra kilos... Or simply looking for more balance in your daily life ... Strongly motivated and inspired, feeling happy and healthy... But unable to do it without support... You are knocking at the right door.
Maja has the sense of relationship, driven by her beautiful heart. She has been through these struggles and she knows what she is talking about and what you are going through. She can help you become what you want based on her own experience and with the help of many different tools and skills she learnt over years, from raw, healthy cooking, meditation, reiki, pranic healing to health coaching. She is my friend and also my best teacher. I strongly recommend her."

-Virginie Sandrock, France



"Once I complained to Maja about my immune system and my metabolism, she did a discovery call health history session and soon she started with treatments and coaching sessions. Following her instructions, my metabolism improved, and it is now working better than ever. 
I met many healers, but what is interesting with Maja is that when she does it, it has an immediate reaction. I believe that this is because everything she does, she does with infinite unconditional love that she shares so unselfishly with everyone. Maja takes full care of each and every person she talks to, as if they were her closest family.
Maja’s energy, love and smile can change your life in a very short period of time, which is why I call her a Magician. What is also interesting is that no matter how crazy she sounds, one must listen to her, because in the end, it seems that she is always right.
Following her suggestions, you will not only be implementing the new eating habits but totally changing your mindset. Let go and let the magic begin with Maja"

- Biljana Jacevic, PEAT Processor, Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor, Energy Therapist

"Maja is a kind of person who will always put a smile on your face, be there in your best or your worst times. She was born to help othersand to bring joy to their lives. She surely brought joy to mine and enriched it with positive thoughts and optimistic attitude towards life. Her passionate and emotional attitude towards life taught me how to take advantage of everything life gives us. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have ever let myself go and found out best things in life: love, appreciation of health, happiness and joy. This is why she makes a great coach, because this is not a job for her, it is her way of life that she so much enjoys it."

-Maja Maksimovic, Montenegro



"Since I have known her, she has been helping not only her friends, but everyone around her. People are naturally attracted by her positive energy and they spontaneously open up to her. She is capable of instantly seeing through the veil of what we think is a cause of our problems and discovering the real ones, which are most of the time hidden deep inside of us. She makes a person question things they never used to, to become aware of the deepest issues and face them, rather of running away from them.
There is not a single person in her surrounding that has not changed his or her life for the better, since Maja has that influence on everyone and she does that naturally. So, to become a health coach is merely making official the things she is destined to do. They say that we cannot change the world, but can only change ourselves. Maja is the key that makes us change ourselves for the better, thus influencing on the world to become a better place." 

- Ivan Gojmerac, Qatar

Maja is an inspiration. I had an amazing trip to India with Maja where she was doing her Reiki Master course. My life changed since then, she taught me how to love my life, how to use and take advantage of every minute of it. She taught me that there are no mistakes in life, to go for what I truly want and to not be scared to be who I really am. She showed me how important it is to eat healthy but still it’s not a big deal if we sometimes eat something that is not so healthy! I learned from her that it is really important to have fun and enjoy life but still be dedicated to work and be really professional in our own field. The thing that I truly respect, one from many, is that she showed me all of this from her own example. That’s why she is inspirational - she lives what preaches. And it works perfectly! Maja is a real fighter and happy and healthy person! 

-Maria Andelic, Serbia



"Maja is real. She gets involved. She gets emotional, happy, angry, excited. She cares. It is extremely easy to learn and be inspired from someone who actually lives what she teaches.
The most important thing I learned from Maja is not to ignore my intuition, not to close my eyes on my problems and things standing in my way to become a better and happier me. Her pragmatic approach to all of my problems always comes with a tool that makes my finish line so much closer. Maja doesn’t just tell you what to change to repair yourself, she guides you how to do it. She is honest, there are no shortcuts to reach your destination, she makes you dig deeper, go further and work harder to get yourself where you want to be."

-Marija Buksa, Qatar

"Maja is a wonderful, warm and above all emotional being that is always there for you. Anima candida. Problems do not exist for her. Why would they? Maja came from another dimension. She belongs to the world of Egyptian pharaohs, she is a living sphinx that takes your breath away. She is sophisticated, gracious but yet modest. Her philosophy is natural. The Universe is here for us. Joy, purification and catharsis. Gold, colors. Imagine Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”, intertwined with pop art. Is that the real world? Of course not. But when Maja sends you “The Kiss”, you will certainly embark on a journey of your subconsciousness and discover the world that belongs only to you and to no one else. And it is not an illusion! Maja is a movie from the Hollywood golden era that you can watch over again, in order to see yourself, finally, in the mirror, and find that face that you have been searching for, for such a long time. And shine! Because that is who you are and always have been. Can’t you see it?"

- Bojan Mustur, Qatar


"I met Maja when I moved to Qatar in 2013. Since then I went through some extreme highs and lows and Maja's friendship and mentorship meant a lot to me. She is one of the most beautiful people I know. Her beauty lies in her unselfish willingness to help, radiant energy and honesty. I am blessed to have Maja in my life and to share this beautiful life journey with her."

- Dana Kazic, Malaysia