Holistic Lifestyle and Weight Loss Coaching For Women

Living a happy & healthy life does not mean you have to stick to a miserable diet, exercise 3x every single day, or deny yourself the chocolate.

It simply means shifting your perspective, incorporating more of what is healthy in your life, and embracing a beautiful, ageless you!
If you’ve been wanting to lose that extra weight, but just can’t figure out where to start…
If you’ve been struggling to look at yourself in the mirror, barely even recognizing the person you see anymore…
If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in so many areas of your life, and know that you need some guidance…


Hi! I am Maja (Maya), Holistic Health & Happiness Coach for overwhelmed ladies who are ready to be Queens of their own Queendom - take back control over their lives and embark on a life transformation journey. Ladies who are ready once and for all to claim back their power, say goodbye to their unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, health concerns and weight issues.
Together we will awaken the sleeping goddess within and re-ignite the inner power to live your most fabulous life, your happily (& healthy!) ever after.

My dear, if you’ve been believing that you need to give up everything you love in order to live a happier and healthier life, I’m here to tell you: that is 100% not true!

The secret to a happy and healthy life is not in denying yourself pleasure or enjoyment (trust me, hedonism is my middle name!) – rather, it is in discovering the power that lies within you, and learning how to use your power to transform from overwhelmed and struggling to fulfilled, content, and truly happy, every single day. No matter the circumstances.

And you know what’s the best thing about it? 
It’s entirely accessible to you.

You are capable of having it all (and you know it)!

Once upon a time...

... not too many years ago, I was struggling with health issues, I was 18kg overweight, I had no idea how to cook (anything), let alone prepare healthy meals for myself, vegetables were only a decoration on my plate, and I felt miserable, both physically and emotionally.

All of these things were nothing but a manifestation of internal issues that I had been struggling with for years, but I didn’t realize it at the time – and I didn’t know how to live any other way.
My first wake-up call was a painful diagnosis from a doctor, and then being 18 kg overweight some years later finally woke me up, and made me realize that my life needed to change. I wasn't resonating with solutions offered by my doctors,

So I devoted my time to figuring out how to heal myself naturally – and transform my life.


I discovered the power of food, specifically raw food, and I combined it with energy healing techniques, such as Pranic Healing and Reiki. I dug deep into self-discovery and self-development through various coaching techniques and meditation, and these very same tools I combine and customize according to individual needs to help my clients see the incredible transformation in their lives.


You know it’s your time to boldly step into your power - you feel it deep inside you.
 So why wait for a doctor’s diagnosis to take back control of your life and feel great about yourself:

Your time to heal is NOW!


Maybe right now you’re….

  • Wanting to feel good about yourself no matter what you are going through
  • Wanting to start eating cleaner, but feeling so overwhelmed since you’re not sure how to do it, what to eat, how to prepare it, or how to fit any of this into your busy schedule
  • Struggling with staying focused or determined, and you need help in being held responsible and accountable to stay on target
  • Unhappy with the reflection you see every day in the mirror because you know you’ve indulged in one too many pieces of chocolate or comforting snacks when feeling stressed or unhappy … and it shows
  • Struggling with health issues and a lack of time to live the zestful life you desire after spending all of your time and energy in your 9-5 job, and wishing for time, help and support in implementing the positive lifestyle changes you know you need

My mission is to help women heal their lives naturally, re-discover their inner power and purpose in life, and feel absolutely fantastic about their lives, their bodies and themselves with the help of my magical tools, food mastery, energy techniques and self-development.

And I’m devoted to helping you get there!

If I can do it, anyone can!

So, if this sounds amazing…

  • Adding more fruits and veggies into your daily lifestyle without too much effort
  • Mastering easy, guilt-free dessert recipes (and so much more!)
  • Feeling healthy, more positive, energetic, clear-headed and full of so much infinite joy that you walk around smiling all day
  • Falling in love with the person you see in the mirror – the way she looks, the way she feels, and the powerful, vibrant energy she sends out to the world – shining bright like a diamond
  • Days that seem sunny & bright, no matter what the weather is like – because you feel so happy internally that nothing could bring you down
  • Clear old patterns and heal your life by loving yourself!

...then let’s get started!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu