Holistic Lifestyle and Weight Loss Coaching For Women

Do you feel overwhelmed with your life?

Are you tired of looking at your reflection in the mirror and being unhappy with what you see?

Has your health been jeopardized by your not-so-healthy habits - and you’re not sure if there is any solution?

Do you want to start eating healthy, but have no clue where to start?

You are absolutely not alone.


Only a few years ago, I was struggling with the same battles.
I was 18kg (40 lbs) overweight, and it never even crossed my mind that I was gaining weight - it was easier to blame the clothing companies for making smaller sizes than to believe I actually gained weight!

I loved eating baked goods, pizzas, sweets, and essentially everything delicious (and unhealthy). I couldn’t pass by a bakery and not have a croissant, or a donut, or a pastry - and late at night, when the cravings came, I would call for more pizza delivery, with a fizzy soda on the side.

It was absolutely delicious. And it was totally unhealthy.

At the same time, I had made my biggest dream come true: I’d moved to my dream country, got the job I had been coveting and loved, I made good living, I traveled, I had wonderful people around me - on the outside, everything looked perfect - but on the inside, I felt completely unfulfilled. That's when I realized...

Happiness and fulfillment are not external factors - they are an inside job!

Little did I know back then, this feeling of being unfulfilled and discontent was what led me to overeating and eating unhealthy foods, and later to my eventual weight gain - which led to something much more damaging than even that.

Because one fine day, I was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis and a fibroid.


After a crucial operation, my doctors told me that unless I did as they instructed, I would be back in the hospital within a matter of months. But the doctor’s orders didn’t feel right to me, and in my quest to find alternative answers, I discovered the tools that would transform my life: the power of food, mind and energy healing through Pranic Healing and Reiki. With these tools I re-ignited the power within.

It’s been 8 years since the doctors told me I would be back soon - and I haven’t been back in the hospital since!

My diagnosis followed by the treatments were the wake-up call I needed that help me to realize:

I had to change.

And in making a decision, I realized that the power to actually achieve anything I put my mind to was no where else but in ME.

That is the most crucial key to success: deciding to take action, and trusting yourself enough to know that you can follow through, you can succeed - and have the life you’ve always wanted. Your happily and healthy ever after.

It’s our birthright the right to be happy & healthy - and it’s actually easier than we think!

Winners never quit, and quitters never win!
— Vince Lombardi

"Maja is a kind of person who will always put a smile on your face, be there in your best or your worst times. She was born to help others and to bring joy to their lives. She surely brought joy to mine and enriched it with positive thoughts and optimistic attitude towards life. Her passionate and emotional attitude towards life taught me how to take advantage of everything life gives us. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have ever let myself go and found out best things in life: love, appreciation of health, happiness and joy. This is why she makes a great coach, because this is not a job for her, it is her way of life that she so much enjoys it."

-Maja Maksimovic

Imagine this for your life...

  • Your health miraculously improving, day by day - despite what your doctor may have predicted!
  • Feeling happy and content with the way you look, no matter what number pops up on the scale
  • Easily incorporating healthier food options into your life, every single day, with little to no effort required - and actually enjoying it! (Having more energy and looking younger thanks to those foods doesn’t hurt, either!)
  • Waking up every morning feeling absolutely radiant, and loving the reflection you see in the mirror
  • Becoming more confident and aware of your inner power every single moment, and feeling like you can move mountains 

Who wouldn’t want to feel like this every single day - for the rest of your life?

I know I would; I actually do!


Despite the ups and downs that life serves all of us (there is no escape to that,) after learning the tricks of balanced diet, energy techniques and daily habits that actually serve you, they will help you perceive your “life rollercoaster” as a joyride, and you will never have to feel depressed, deflated, or defeated by your problems again - only confident in your power to overcome them and strive forward as a stronger, healthier woman. 

Remember, your problems are merely blessings in disguise!

The decision and the outcome, my dear, depends solely on YOU - there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!

That is why I am inviting you to take a transformational journey equipped with your own private, customized plan for Your Journey to Happiness & Health.


Together we will create a customized road-map to reignite the powerful goddess in you, which will help you:

  • Rediscover and reignite your personal power by digging deep into the important questions.
  • Transform the Power in You into a tangible, everyday reality and positive lifestyle change.
  • Find a holistic approach to support the wholeness in you: food relationships, spirituality, exercises, career, and every other aspect of your life
  • Discover how to improve your quality of life, and get you back onto a healthier track through basic, mind and health-supportive daily habits.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you (because YOU are the key to your success!)
  • Improve your energy, increase your happiness and lead to greater health and a  irresistible perception of yourself
  • Highlight your strengths; since we tend to forget how perfect and enough we are.
  • Develop step-by-step recommendations to achieve your goals and to ensure results
  • Adopt a lifestyle of eating healthy, and learn to absolutely love nutritious food that feed your body, mind and soul (not only your eyes or palate!)
  • Help you to listen to your body and its every need in order to take care of it and act according to those needs

"When you need an advice, Maja won’t give you direct instructions or an advice itself. Indeed she will show you the way to find the solutions on your own. If you are lost, she is always there to guide you but then leave you allowing you to continue your journey independently. Once you come to the decision, you will feel it with your heart and soul, as you have reached it by listening to your inner self. Yes, this is the term you will hear from her often.   She will guide you through this path - where you will need to listen to your intuition and your heart. The result will be terrific - get ready!"

-Barno Egamberdieva, Uzbekistan




3 months of on-going high-touch guidance and support

(3) Pranic Healing sessions to focus on your specific needs

(3) 45-minute private, customized coaching sessions with me each month

(In person or via zoom)


A custom meal plan with simple recipes & exclusive food diarY

Simple recipes for your food journey


Email support in between sessions


Customized resources & materials to meet your specific needs and goals



  • An exclusive discount on all of my lectures, Heal Your Life workshops, Pranic Healing sessions, and retreats
  • Accountability, personalized support, and if you take the action required – a transformation that will create your Happy & Healthy Life is inevitable!

Let me support you, step-by-step, on your transformational Journey to Happiness & Health!


"Maja’s energy, love and smile can change your life in a very short period of time, which is why I call her a Magician. What is also interesting is that no matter how crazy she sounds, one must listen to her, because in the end, it seems that she is always right.
Turning to Maja when in need of change, you will get exactly what you need to in order to change your life for better, and to achieve exactly what her name says, happy & healthy lifestyle."

- Biljana Jacevic, PEAT Processor, Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor, Energy Therapist

"Maja is real. She gets involved. She gets emotional, happy, angry, excited. She cares. It is extremely easy to learn and be inspired from someone who actually lives what she teaches.
The most important thing I learned from Maja is not to ignore my intuition, not to close my eyes on my problems and things standing in my way to become a better and happier me. Her pragmatic approach to all of my problems always comes with a tool that makes my finish line so much closer. Maja doesn’t just tell you what to change to repair yourself, she guides you how to do it. She is honest, there are no shortcuts to reach your destination, she makes you dig deeper, go further and work harder to get yourself where you want to be."

-Marija Buksa, Qatar